You don’t have to be old to get Botox

In the last few years, I started to notice that younger and younger people were asking me for Botox. The reason is that many people don’t want to see the lines appear on their face in the first place. So imagine you have a smooth forehead with no wrinkles or an unfurrowed brow. You just want to keep it this way. So you can have what’s called preventative Botox. Some people in their 20s have Botox injected in the frown, the forehead, or even the crows feet. They never develop wrinkles at all. They have perfectly smooth skin and I inject the muscles so that they can’t frown or wrinkle their forehead or squint their eyes. The Botox relaxes the muscles and the skin overlying it is smoothed out so wrinkles never form. For other young individuals they have very dynamic muscles with deep lines forming early so they may need Botox early and it’s not preventative it’s more of a necessity. So if you are young it’s certainly something to think about.

Author: drjaliman

Debra Jaliman, MD, is a board certified dermatologist with a private practice in New York City. Internationally recognized for her research and work in clinical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Jaliman has a reputation for using cutting-edge technology and the latest in skin care, as well as for being the “last stop” doctor, the one who fixes what others can’t. She is an assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and a member of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. She is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology and is regarded as an authority in her field by journalists and cosmetics industry, appearing frequently on television and in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Allure, Glamour, Self, and InStyle. Dr. Jaliman’s book “Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist” was released on March 13, 2012 by St. Martin’s Press.

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